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Our Services

CA was founded on the basic principle of providing its clients with personal and customized service.

Services We Provide

Corcoran Administrators prides itself on its ability to put its clients’ needs and priorities first. Since we tailor our services to the needs of our clients, we are very flexible and understand how important communication is to provide excellent and personalized service.

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Trust Administration

We believe that communication is at the core of effective Trust Administration. At Corcoran Administrators, our mission is to understand and preserve the uniqueness of each client. Our personalized and hands-on approach starts at the top. Each client is assigned to a dedicated and experienced account manager to complete and preserve the demands of all clients. We take great pride in making ourselves available to our clients and understand that each client’s situation is unique.

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Claims Administration

Corcoran Administrators offers customized services for claims processing to meet the healthcare needs of its clients. For self-funded plans, we provide claims processing for medical, dental, and disability claims. At CA, we leverage our vendor partners, experienced personnel, and technology to maximize savings and promote efficiency for our clients.

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Employer & Premium Billing

Corcoran Administrators’ employer billing and contribution system offers electronic access to its client employers. This allows employers to submit electronic eligibility and payment information through a secure and user-friendly online portal. With a state-of the-art encryption system and a fierce dedication to cyber security, CA understands the importance of a secure reporting process.

Corcoran Administrators manages several electronic relationships with service providers and vendors, including Anthem Blue Cross, Kaiser Permanente, United HealthCare and many others. Electronic flexibility enables our team the ability to resolve issues quickly and often after hours.

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Financial Administration

Corcoran Administrators utilizes an independent CPA that specializes in fund administration to process all banking reconciliations, accruals, and financial statements. With this expertise on our team, our clients can be assured of the accuracy of our financial profile with oversight by a third-party auditor.

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Customer Service

The core of our business model is customer service. Corcoran Administrators’ clients don’t have to listen to automated, pre-recorded messages or navigate through complex phone trees to get answers to urgent questions. Our customer service team’s role is to act as an advocate for each participant and employer when needed. We pride ourselves on a simple approach of answering the phone and responding in a timely fashion. We provide our clients with performance guarantees in abandonment rate and response times. We also track and record calls, allowing our management teams to conduct and maintain effective training programs. Our staff is supported by Spanish speaking representatives.

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Other Services

Corcoran Administrators offers all its clients COBRA and HIPAA Administration services. We also handle all regulatory compliance, ensuring the requirements set forth by the DOL, IRS, ERISA, and Department of Health and Human Services are met. Our systems are continually upgraded to adhere to the ever-changing regulatory requirements.

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“Other than managing the complexities of Group Health Plans, our commitment to our clients starts with responsiveness and accountability. Our model is based on traditional practices emphasizing personalized service and client advocacy.”

Chris Corcoran

Founder & CEO