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Why Choose Us?

In general, Third Party Administrators have experienced problems in keeping pace with the numerous regulatory changes that have challenged the industry. Some of the smaller TPAs have either gone out of business or merged with larger TPAs. The larger TPAs have dedicated a great deal of resources to keep up with the changes but have sacrificed customization for standardization. By prioritizing overhead expenses on unpredictable and often undependable system solutions, TPAs have lost sight of the more important service element of their business.

Corcoran Administrators eliminates those challenges  and offers its clients an unparalleled level of Plan Management and Customer Service. Our clients receive the best of both worlds taking advantage of the functionality of a large TPA, but the service of a smaller more focused TPA.

We answer all member and provider calls with a careful and thoughtful approach. Each inquiry is explained thoroughly, ensuring that the member or participant is informed and educated about the ramifications of each determination. CA acts as a member advocate in cases where special attention is required and reports back to the client providing the details of each case. Communication, accountability and transparency is the core of our business model.

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